London Adventures, Part 7

Monday marked the beginning of three days completely on my own in London. I started off with Museum-O-Rama: The V&A, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum are all very near each other, accessible by pedestrian underground walkway from South Kensington tube station. The Science Museum had a special exhibit on Alan Turing which was fascinating and heartbreaking.


My favorite exhibit may have been the one on modern household conveniences.



The Natural History Museum let me down in one regard:


…but made up for it in sheer awesome birds (extinct, stuffed) and butterflies (alive, fluttering about). Also, the skeleton of the biggest freaking sloth ever:


Random strangers left in photo for size comparison.

This is a really, really incredible-looking museum.


After I frolicked with the butterflies, I wandered over to Harrod’s, just to walk about feeling underdressed and gawk at the insanely-priced wares.

Jimmy Choo pumps, only £995

Jimmy Choo pumps, only £995

The place is HUGE. I gawked at high-priced menus and a toy department to rival FAO Schwarz.


£6,995, UK delivery included (bears NOT included)

£6,995, UK delivery included (bears NOT included)

Then it was time to head back to The Priory Tavern to see John Finnemore and the rest of the Souvenir Programme cast (Carrie Quinlan, Lawry Lewin, and Simon Kane) perform some maybe-ready-for-recording material for the upcoming season. Due to the entertainment, the pub wasn’t serving dinner, so I ran back up to the high street to grab some takeaway.

I won’t ruin anything – I’ll just say that they were very funny, as expected. John must not have had as much material ready as he’d hoped, as two of the sketches were previously recorded ones. I didn’t mind though, as one of them was “the ghost story” (jacket pocket!).

Simon Kane and john Finnemore

Simon Kane and john Finnemore

(My camera battery decided to die without warning, so all photos are from my phone.)

At the intermission, I ran into @2cajuman2 as she opened the door to the ladies’. I recognized her from her photos online, so she was faced with a stranger in a loo calling her by name. She took it rather well, I thought.

A few of us hung about afterward so chat with John. He was very kind, spoke with everyone, and obliged us with silly photos.

The first, unsilly photo of John and me

The first, unsilly photo of John and me

IMG_0389 copy

Jacket pocket

IMG_0390 copy

Jacket pocket, jacket pocket

'ave a banana!

‘ave a banana!

The next day was reportedly to have filming outside the “fake” 221B Baker Street site (187 North Gower). Tune in next time, intrepid friends, and find out!

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