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The Great Knitting Magazine Dilemma of 2012

As I’ve mentioned already, I’m moving to a smaller house this summer. I have a lot of knitting magazines. Like close to 600 knitting magazines. At least 32 different titles, from at least 5 countries (many foreign-language titles have an … Continue reading


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Letting Go

I’m moving. I’m moving to a smaller home. Everyone in the family must pare down possessions to accommodate. And that includes -gasp- my knitting stuff. Books, yarn, tools, bags, accessories…every item must be assessed and either accorded a space in … Continue reading

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In Which I Give Benedict Cumberbatch Kisses, and He Gives Me One Back

Many of you have been waiting with bated breath for my full report on the PBS Sherlock screening on May 2. Rather than tell the story over and over, I have been promising that I will blog about it and … Continue reading

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