London Adventures, Part 6

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Sunday was busy and fun. I had been invited to check out “Made in Clerkenwell,” a big artisan festival. I started out the day by going back to Islington – there were shops in Camden Passage I hadn’t had a chance to stop in on Saturday. Since it was a gorgeous day, I walked through Islington to get to the art fair.


I’ve no idea who that man is.

My host was @jappthebear. He’s adorable.


His human coffeebot is very nice as well as talented, making beaded jewelry that’s really gorgeous. I met up with another online Sherlockian (@myanglofiles), and after a coffee headed out to look at all the booths. I was good (and thinking of my suitcase size), and just picked up a lot of business cards. There were many lovely, lovely things.

After we’d seen all 7 floors (yes, 7!), Japp’s coffeebot asked whether we’d trust her to take us on an adventure. Not knowing London geography at all, I was completely in the dark until we arrived:


I don’t see anyone up on the roof today…

The telephone box on the corner has been cleaned up a bit, but still has a number of messages to Sherlock.



That’s the spot. –SPLAT–

It was after 2 pm by then, and those of us not selling jewelry headed off for lunch. Bratwurst in the sunshine at Kurz & Lang:


Just look at that fork position. Going native, I was.

Parting ways with @myanglofiles, I decided to go back to Trafalgar Square. Why? Because I’m deeply in love with Trafalgar Square, that’s why.


I defy you to show me a more British photograph. Unless it contains the Queen, you lose.

This is the geographic center of London, after all:


After soaking up the Britishness for a while, I remembered that The Harp is within easy walking distance (making me love Trafalgar Square EVEN MORE). Here’s the list of ciders and perry alone:


Yes, please.

I was able to taste a good number of these, and had a half pint each of two of them (the perry and an Aspall cider that was on draft. They were out of the mixed scrumpy – I had a taste but they had less than half a pint left). I then proceeded to have a conversation with a stranger named Paul about religion and politics. Good times.

I had to head back to the hotel to meet up with my traveling companion in time to meet other online friends for dinner at The Priory Tavern. I would be returning the next night to see John Finnemore and the rest of the Souvenir Programme cast run through some preliminary material for the next season.

I may have fallen for Trafalgar Square, but I wish very hard that I had a local pub like The Priory.


Cosy, welcoming, with affable bartenders and really good food:


My friend @thelongdark goes there often enough that she has a signature drink.


A Long Dark Flip of the Soul: cognac, egg yolk, cream, espresso, vanilla syrup, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate bitters, and nutmeg. Easy-peasy.

My companion was on an early-afternoon flight back to the US the next morning. I had 3 more days in London completely to my own devices. What deviltry would I get up to?

You’ll just have to come back to this blog to find out. But I can assure you that it involves famous places, famous people, and alcoholic beverages.


It’s whiskey in a jumper.


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