A Knitter’s Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA, and I like to take this time to think about all the things for which I am grateful. The part of that I want to share with you: things I am thankful for, as a knitter.

#1: RAVELRY. My knitting life revolves around Ravelry, plus I’ve “met” a group of ladies online who share some of my non-knitting interests as well. From the discussion boards to the pattern listings, Ravelry is now indispensable to me. Besides telling Casey this at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool, I made a donation to Ravelry. If you love Ravelry, show them with your dollars! I also try to buy patterns through Ravelry whenever possible, both to give them revenue and to be able to keep a copy of the pattern in my Ravelry library, where it lives safely in case my computer has a coronary.

#2: The dizzying array of choice we enjoy in yarn, tools, and patterns. Needles in multiple shapes and materials, stitch markers to match any whim, and the incredible field of choice in yarn content and color! Do a pattern search on Ravelry or the Internet in general and you’ll have sensory overload.

#3: Knitting humor. Whether it’s the smile I get every morning when I look at my 2010 wall calendar by Franklin Habit, laughing out loud while reading one of the Yarn Harlot‘s books, or chuckling over Carol Sulcoski‘s daily smart-aleck comments on Facebook, my knitting connections have brought a lot of fun into my life.

#4: Pattern-only options in yarn clubs. I’ve just started seeing this, and maybe it’s a response to the recession, but I’ve leaped on this option to get some awesome patterns that I’d otherwise miss (or at least have to wait a year to see, and then need to remember to look!). Since I have, at rough estimate, about 5 X SABLE skeins of yarn in my stash, it’s probably easier to justify these pattern club purchases than the four or five clubs with yarn that I’m in as well. So, thanks to Janel Laidman and Stephen West for enabling me to get their lovely patterns without breaking my bank. On that note…

#5: Yarn clubs. I’m a sucker for a surprise. Yarn clubs have pulled me out of my color ruts, and I’ve wound up with some colors I would never have chosen for myself but that I love. Some clubs give you a preview, or let (make!) you choose between a variegated and a semi-solid yarn each month, but others are a complete mystery until you open the package. Some have patterns and little goodies, and others are just the yarn, but those monthly or bi-monthly packages are incredibly fun!

#6: Holiday travel. If you don’t have to do the driving, it’s guilt-free knitting time! Much thanks to my sister-in-law for hosting Thanksgiving this year, giving me hours of passenger-seat knitting time (and thanks to my husband for driving!).

This Thanksgiving, I truly feel blessed as a knitter. I hope you enjoy your holiday, if you’re celebrating, and to the rest of the world, have a nice week!

About The International Knitter of Mystery

If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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