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“In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire…

…hurricanes hardly ever happen.”  But I live on the upper East Coast of the US, so they do.  I’ve been a little taken up with hurricane preparation and the return to normal, so it’s been a bit since I blogged. … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Comfort, Part 2

After my seemingly endless sojourn in Sockland, I just completed a shawl in five days.  This feat was aided by two 3-hour drives and about 10 hours of time spent sitting and listening to a speaker at a conference.  The … Continue reading

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Admit it – you would have done it too.

Today, through the power of connectivity, I bought Wollmeise while sitting on the toilet. You read that right, folks.  I bought Wollmeise while engaged in quite antisocial bodily functions, about which I will say no more, so it’s safe to … Continue reading

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Ich muss die Wollmeise Garn gehaben!

Wollmeise: the word that makes sock yarn aficionados sigh and glaze over with longing. What’s the deal here? Color.  Color is the deal, my friends.  Saturated, amazing, creative color. Need I really say more? Now, I just need to actually … Continue reading

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Whew!  I just caught a Wollmeise update at The Loopy Ewe!!  I just so happened to catch the mention on Twitter (which didn’t send a text to my phone, oddly, until well after the fact).  My first couple of choices … Continue reading

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Slip sliding away…

…time seems to be slip sliding away from me, and it’s over a week since I posted.  Oops.  Well, I was away for three of those days, but the rest is my fault.  I finished a project and am eager to … Continue reading

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Color me exclusive, limited time only!

As if we need more enticement to buy sock yarn, there seems to have been an explosion lately of “limited edition” hand-dyed yarns from the larger dyers.  Some companies have paired with shops to offer “exclusive” colorways (Lorna’s Laces with … Continue reading


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A Glimpse of Comfort

This arrived in my mailbox today.  It’s a skein of Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering in the colorway Glimpse.  This is a very special colorway.  The amazing Sharon the Yarnista created this colorway in honor of a mutual online friend … Continue reading

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This is totally fun: A Good Yarn  (https://www.agoodyarnsarasota.com), a yarn shop in Florida, has commissioned yarn colorways based on photographs of sea life.  Three Irish Girls made a colorway based on this  photo of Dusky Nembrotha Nudibranchs. How cool is … Continue reading

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No, don’t throw me in that cashmere patch!

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a rise in the number of cashmere-blend hand-dyed sock yarns recently.  As far as I can tell, this falls into the category of Good Things, especially since, for the most part, … Continue reading

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