London Adventures, Part 5

Friday morning brought a trip to Cheltenham in order to meet up with our online posse: Ladies who Lunch (and Sean). In a move that I expect to start a new trend, we lunched at The Daffodil, a theater-turned-restaurant used in the filming of the upcoming season of Sherlock. Advance film tourism!

ImageAfter a lovely meal with even lovelier company, a few of us wandered around Cheltenham a bit. I was spotted in Waterstone’s by a fellow knitter due to my Loopy Ewe bag, and made a new Ravelry friend. The oddest sight was…a Stormtrooper.

ImageAfter a pint at The Frog and Fiddle, we caught our train back to London.

Switching at Baker Street on our way back to the hotel, we decided to document the fun decor on the Bakerloo line.ImageEach “pixel” is a tiny Holmes profile, just like the larger one.


On Saturday, I had arranged to meet various folks at Speedy’s.


Several details in this photo are worth noting…it doesn’t always look exactly like this.

Speedy’s has Sherlock filming photos all over the walls inside. Otherwise you wouldn’t know it’s in the show by looking. A far cry from “Sherlock Holmes’s Dry Cleaner’s.” While I was outside having my photo taken with my online friend Claire (who likely wouldn’t want me to post her photo, which we took in front of the door marked 187), we saw something really, really strange: invisible Sherlock:


No, that is NOT Benedict, or anyone we recognized, standing next to the coat.

After lunch, some online knitting friends (also Sherlock fans) and I went to Loop in Islington.


Yarn was fondled and bought, of course. We wound up shopping on Oxford Street, a dubiously intelligent thing to be doing on a Saturday afternoon. After Korean food, we saw the closing performance of “The Table” at The Shed at The National Theatre. This is a temporary space, and “The Table” was the first show put on there. It was excellent.

Afterward, we took a fairly aimless course through central London, checking out the closed shops on Carnaby Street and walking through Leicester Square.


All in all, a very full and fun day.

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If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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