London Adventures, Part 4

If you are a foodie, and you go to London, you must visit the Borough Market, or you will hate yourself for missing it. Situated right by London Bridge tube station, it’s certainly easy to reach. The Green Market is open for lunch daily, while the rest of the market is open Thursday through Sunday and consists of booths selling artisan cheeses, breads, meats, produce, and other gourmet ingredients.


I hanker for a hunk-a…


I had a scrumpy shandy at 11:30 am (only a half pint, and hey, it’s vacation!) and wished I would try more of the cider offerings at this booth:Image




My friend and I boggled at the exotic meats butcher:



And we spent a decent amount of time in a chocolatier’s shop. When it came time for lunch, I had a treat waiting for me. Through a series of unlikely events, I play Words with Friends with the owner of a stall in the Green Market. He called ahead to tell his manager to expect me, and I was presented with a lovely vegetarian lunch from The Veggie Table (augmented with a chocolate pot and a Pimm’s cup).


Halloumi burger with an amazing salad. Did I say amazing? Amazing.


We enjoyed lunch in the yard of Southwark Cathedral. Not a bad setting.



Honestly, I wanted to eat everything and take everything home. Pies, bread, cheeses, quail and duck eggs, and gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Look at this rhubarb!



After getting some wires crossed with friends, we met up for dinner and a show. (Hint: there are two Tate museums in London!) We ate pizza at Da Mario on Gloucester Road, Kensington (reportedly Princess Diana’s favorite pizza place), then went on to see Blavatsky’s Tower (closes 2 June). After the show, we hung around and were lucky enough to meet Ian Hallard, who plays Dr. Tim Dunn in the production.



We tried to go to The Harp afterward, but pubs close earlier in London than bars do in the US. Just as well, as my friend and I had to catch a train in the morning for Cheltenham.

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If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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