As if I’m an expert…

…I’ve decided to tackle the book reviews next, since I have a few knitting books lying about that I’ve been meaning to read since they entered the house. Here is my review of:

10 Secrets of the Laid Back Knitters: A Guide to Holistic Knitting, Yarn, and Life

by Vicki Steifel and Lisa Souza

10 Secrets of the Laid Back Knitters is a book for knitters of any skill level. The “10 secrets” are suggestions for ways in which to enhance your knitting life and find joy in the hobby. I found myself tearing up several times at the rather sentimental anecdotes and stories. The book is also a resource, listing books and websites for further reading on many topics and techniques. The pattern selection is eclectic, ranging from lace scarves to a Rebecca Danger monster, and also includes a few crochet projects. The authors have made sure to cover the range of difficulty.

The layout of the book is rather busy, with multiple sidebars and photos on most pages. I found that some of these boxes were a bit small, for example, one comparing US and UK crochet terms stated that US terms were “on the left” and UK “on the “right,” but the box was too narrow to contain the text in chart form, so most of the UK terms were under the US terms, rather than adjacent to them. No single section is very long, so this is a book that is easy to read piecemeal, as you have a moment.

While reading about self-taught knitters who have gone on to be famous artists or knitting designers sounds inspirational, some readers might find it disheartening, if they have been knitting for years and have not had such success, or consider themselves still beginning knitters.

10 Secrets of the Laid Back Knitters won’t turn you into a self-possessed designer overnight, but it will point you toward resources to help you learn more about any areas of knitting you wish.


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