A Glimpse of Comfort, Part 2

After my seemingly endless sojourn in Sockland, I just completed a shawl in five days.  This feat was aided by two 3-hour drives and about 10 hours of time spent sitting and listening to a speaker at a conference.  The shawl I knit was Simmer Dim by Gudrun Johnston (The Shetland Trader).  The yarn was McClellan Fingering in Glimpse by Three Irish Girls.  I blogged about this yarn and its significance back in March.  Glimpse was created to remember babies who could not be born, and one baby in particular.  The mother of this unfortunate soul is expecting a healthy child this fall, and I have knit this shawl for her in the yarn created to honor her and help provide comfort to others like her.  Here, then, are some photos of this speedy shawl, unblocked and then blocked:

I love McClellan fingering (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon), and I have a lot of it!  It takes colors in a heathery sort of way due to its bamboo content, and it has great drape for the same reason. I hope my friend enjoys wearing it as much I as did knitting it.


About The International Knitter of Mystery

If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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