Delirium Knittens

We all know that knitting is an addiction, albeit one with no notable ill effects.  So when a knitter is prevented from knitting, does he or she manifest a physical withdrawal syndrome?  If so, what are the symptoms?  What can be done, short of knitting, to allay the discomfort?

Well, due to a combination of poor choices (get thee behind me, Facebook!) and work duties, I did not touch my knitting for three days.  I’ll give you a moment to absorb that.  Three days.  Seventy-two hours.  Yes, folks: 4,320 minutes (I own a calculator, whoohoo!)  What happened?  The socks I am knitting for a swap and my library books ganged up to give me Deadline Angst.  I do not particularly appreciate Deadline Angst from my hobbies.  Deadline Angst is unavoidable if one is employed or a parent.  One’s hobbies should be Relaxing, Fulfilling, and/or Fun, not Stern Taskmasters.  So, this pleased me not.

Finally sitting down last night to turn the heel of the second swap sock went a long way toward making me feel better, but I found it hard to get my head around not knitting for that long.  I am A Knitter.  I Knit.  Of course, I am a lot of other things too, but in the background, the knitter is always there (a nurse and I had a chat about the TKGA Master Program yesterday in the OR, waiting for a baby to be delivered by Caesarian section.  They’re used to that where I work).  Not knitting for three days almost constitutes an existential crisis.  At the forefront sits the question: “If you’re not knitting, what’s with all that sock yarn you have??”  As a countermeasure, I went out today and bought a 56 quart tub to contain my Three Irish Girls sock yarn, since the container I was using threatened to explode, scattering nylon-strengthened merino Hither and Yon (this is just the TIG yarn – I have much, much more.  Much more.)

The Stash (Sock Yarn Edition)

Hopefully this will give me a few months’ breathing room before having to start finding more creative hiding places for The Stash (Sock Yarn Edition).  Or I could…knit more.


About The International Knitter of Mystery

If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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