The fiddly bits

Is there anything fiddlier in knitting than buttonholes?  We want them neat and tidy, evenly spaced, and the right size for our chosen buttons.  Then when the garment is buttoned, we can’t see them at all (unless they gap horribly, see “neat and tidy”).  TKGA Level II Swatches 19 – 22 are all about buttonholes.  I have finished knitting #19 (but not weaving in the ends):  What we have here is a vertical buttonhole, a horizontal buttonhole, and a 3-row eyelet buttonhole (bottom to top).  Here’s a closer look:

The vertical buttonhole involves breaking the yarn and working both sides of thebuttonhole separately, as if you were making a slit-neck or something, and then rejoining.  Extra ends, anyone?

The horizontal buttonhole is even fiddlier, if that’s a word.  I used June Hemmons Hiatt’s “improvements,” foremost of which for me is that she cut the number of extra ends to weave in from four to two.  Hopefully it looks right once the ends are in fact woven in, a task which seems to be a prime procrastination target.

The “improvements” are very, very fiddly.

The top buttonhole is another Hiatt “improvement,” the 3-row eyelet buttonhole.  I think I got it right; the instructions didn’t work exactly for me, which was probably my fault.  

The next 2 swatches are buttonholes in different backgrounds.  Swatch #19 was single rib, Swatch #20 is double rib, and Swatch #21 is seed stitch.  Each one says to work 3 different types of buttonhole: a vertical, a horizontal, and some other of my choice.  Does this mean that each buttonhole needs to be unique through all 3 swatches?  On one hand, I hope not, as I already chose what ought to be (according to St. June) the Best Buttonholes already in Swatch #19.  But if not, then what’s the point of working the same 3 buttonholes in different ground fabrics?  Perhaps this will make itself clear as I work them.  Methinks I shall sniff around the TKGA board on Ravelry before starting Swatch #20.  At the very least, it will be time well-procrastinated.

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If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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