Queue Explosion

Darn you, Knitscene, isn’t my Ravelry queue long enough?  I generally hate “summer knitting” – all those lacy tops real women can’t wear without flashing nipples, scarves meant for “chilly summer nights” (where do they have these??).  “Summer cardigans” to wear in over-air-conditioned office buildings (I can wear the same cardigan I wear there all year round, thanks).  Lovely shawls to wear over the evening dress I don’t own.  Sailor knits: just say no!  But the Summer 2011 issue of Knitscene has at least 8 projects I want to knit – and here’s the shocker – none of them are socks!  I feel like I’ve been a harder sell lately, since I know I have more in my queue than I will ever be able to knit, and I try to critically assess whether I would actually enjoy knitting the item; I tend to get bored with too much plain stockinette.  I also tend to shy away from knits that rely very heavily on the yarn itself, because it will be hard to substitute when I decide to knit it 3 years from now and the yarn has been discontinued.

This issue has all the items I jeered at a paragraph ago, but some of them are really nice!  The lacy tops are shown worn over another layer, and I can picture actually wearing them that way.  The sundress with warm scarf look…I still think is silly.  Michelle Rose Orne designed a lovely loose shrug, and there’s a capelet by Courtney Kelley knit side-to side in fingering weight that I love.
 There’s also a gorgeous lace scarf/stole by Amy Polcyn, shown in Malabrigo Lace (aka knitter’s crack).  My queue runneth over.  Zip out to your local bookstore or LYS and snag this issue before it gets away and you have to pay shipping to get it directly from Interweave!

About The International Knitter of Mystery

If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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