Kamikaze robin

My house is under attack.  I have only managed to get one photo of the demented culprit:

Hard to tell from the back, but it’s a robin.  This demented avian has been repeatedly flying at our windows and pecking, for at least the last 3 days.  I’ve been wondering whether it thinks the house has just materialized near its nest in order to steal its eggs.  I wish it would chill out, since it tends to start the day’s insane tapping at about 6 am.

Why am I suddenly having odd run-ins with birds?  Is it a Sign?  If so…of what, for Pete’s sake??

In knitting news, I am blocking the third “choose your own lace pattern” swatch.  In checking out the associated questions, I came upon a worksheet for use with Swatch #13 (the first lace swatch).  While measuring my swatch (with a ruler, not a tape measure, mind you), I found that the whole swatch is somewhat smaller than when it was actually pinned out.  Oops, my bad.  I had to go back and recalculate my final gauge on Swatches 13 and 14.  I won’t make the same mistake on #15, for which I used a pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  This book, unlike the 4th, has all the instructions written out, rather than charted.  I am reminded why I like charts so much!  I don’t understand why someone would rather try to maintain the correct place in a length of pattern instruction such as, “K1, * k2 tog, yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk, p1, k2 tog, k2, yo, (k2 tog, yo) twice; rep from *, end k2 tog, yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk, p1, k2 tog, k2, yo, k2 tog, yo, k2.”  Which “k2” did I just do?  Better go back and count stitches again.  I suppose there are some extremely graphically-challenged knitters out there, but on the whole, it seems simpler to see where you are than blindly follow a pattern line.  With the chart you can see where you’ve been, or in other words what your knitting ought to look like.  If it doesn’t…better go back.  With written out instructions, it’s sort of a mystery knit (particularly in some of the old pattern books, in which there was not necessarily a photo of the finished item.  You know, the type Franklin likes to grouse about, because they hurt so good).


About The International Knitter of Mystery

If I told you about me, I wouldn't be The International Knitter of MYSTERY, now would I? But I can tell you that "Danger" is my middle name.
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